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Eguchi Ryo

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Eguchi Ryo (江口亮) is a Japanese music musician and producer. He is a member of the band la la larks and currently the sole active member of Stereo Fabrication of Youth.


  • Name: Eguchi Ryo (江口亮)
  • Birthday: December 25, 1979 (1979-12-25) (age 39)
  • Birthplace: Gifu, Japan
  • Education: Chukyo University

Arranged Works

  • Note: All works are for arrangements only unless otherwise stated.

Aoi Eir

Hearts Grow


Kuriyama Chiaki



Sakamoto Maaya

Sayonara Ponytail

school food punishment


Tokyo Performance Doll

Wakeshima Kanon


Yumemiru Adolescence

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