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Every Little Thing Concert Tour 2001 4 Force

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VHS / DVD Cover
Every Little Thing
Every Little Thing Concert Tour 2001 4 FORCE
2005.03.24 (Low-Priced Edition)
Catalogue Code
AVVD-90116 (VHS)
AVBD-91061 (DVD)
AVBD-91327 (Low-Priced Edition)
¥5,040 (VHS)
¥6,090 (DVD)
¥2,980 (Low-Priced Edition)
  2. switch
  3. force of heart
  4. Someday, Someplace
  5. Good for nothing
  6. Kimochi (キモチ)
  7. Azayaka na Mono (鮮やかなもの)
  8. Season
  9. Graceful World
  10. fragile
  11. No limit
  12. sweetaholic girl
  13. Home Sweet Home
  14. Face the change
  15. Future World
  16. Shapes Of Love
  17. One
  18. Ai no Kakera (愛のカケラ; Fragments of Love)
  19. Deatta Koro no You ni (出逢った頃のように; Like The Time When We Met)
  20. Dear My Friend


Every Little Thing Concert Tour 2001 4 FORCE is the eighth VHS released by Every Little Thing. This is also their seventh DVD (third concert DVD). The DVD reached #6 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 4 weeks. The Low-Priced edition did not chart on the Oricon weekly charts.

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