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Fuchuu Torimono Hikae (ALFIE)

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Fuchuu Torimono Hikae (府中捕物控)
Scheduled Release
Catalog Number
  1. Fuchuu Torimono Hikae (府中捕物控; Fuchuu Arrest Warrant)
  2. Ashita Kara Yoso no Hito (明日からよその人; A Person From Tomorrow)


"Fuchuu Torimono Hikae" was scheduled to be the third single released by ALFIE, and their first as a three-member band. Shortly before the release, the band's recording contract with Victor Music Industries was terminated, therefore cancelling the single. The song is a parody of the 300 million yen robbery. It was later self-covered by the songwriter, Yamamoto Masayuki, under the same title.

Song Information

Yamamoto Masayuki
Yamamoto Masayuki


There are two versions of "Fuchuu Torimono Hikae" in THE ALFEE's discography:

Fuchuu Torimono Hikae (KING'S NIGHT DREAM WESTERN Conference Final)
Found on the VHS and Laserdisc KING'S NIGHT DREAM WESTERN Conference Final as track #3 and the DVD KING'S NIGHT DREAM WESTERN & EASTERN THE ALFEE 1994 13th, Summer August 21 & 22 as track #3 on disc one.
Fuchuu Torimono Hikae (THE ALFEE HISTORY III 1992~1997)
Found on the VHS and Laserdisc THE ALFEE HISTORY III 1992~1997 as track #13. It is a VTR of the performance from KING'S NIGHT DREAM WESTERN Conference Final.

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