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Ism (Takamizawa Toshihiko)

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Album Cover
Takamizawa Toshihiko
Ism (主義-Ism:)
Catalog Number
VJCA-00005 (CD)
VJTA-00001 (CT)
  1. Fiancé
  2. Akai Ito (赤い糸; Red String of Fate)
  3. Kimi ga Suki da yo (きみがすきだよ; I Like You)
  4. 2 Jikan Dake no Honeymoon (2時間だけのHoneymoon; Honeymoon for Only Two Hours)
  5. 17 no Toki ni Aitakatta (17のときに逢いたかった; I Wanted to Be 17 Again)
  6. Fire
  7. Edge of The Moonlight
  8. Lonely Heart
  9. Cherie (Fr: Dear)
  10. Song for You
  11. Aitakute (逢いたくて; I Want to See You)


Ism is the debut solo album released by Takamizawa Toshihiko. It reached #6 on the Oricon weekly chart and charted for six weeks, selling approximately 100,000 copies. The album is now out of print.

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