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Hana (Sonim)

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Album Cover
Hana (華; Flower)
Catalog Number
  1. Curry Rice no Onna (カレーライスの女)
  2. Tokyo Midnight Loneliness (東京ミッドナイトロンリネス)
  3. Suki na Hito Dakara (好きな人だから)
  4. Hello! Atarashii Watashi (Sonim Version) (Hello! 新しい私 (ソニンVersion))
  5. Kokurou (国領)
  6. Tsugaru Kaikyou no Onna (津軽海峡の女)
  7. Funki Seyo! (奮起せよ!)
  8. Heibonteki Joushi na Jouken (平凡的女子な条件)
  9. WINTER ~Samui Kisetsu no Monogatari~ (WINTER ~寒い季節の物語~)
  10. SEE YOU!


Hana is the debut and sole album released by Sonim. It features Sonim's recent singles ("Curry Rice no Onna", Tsugaru Kaikyou no Onna, and "Tokyo Midnight Loneliness"), along with solo versions of songs by former duo EE JUMP ("Hello! Atarashii Watashi" and "WINTER ~Samui Kisetsu no Monogatari~"). Much like her group with Goto Yuuki, the album was written, composed, and produced by Hello! Project head Tsunku. The album reached #5 on the weekly Oricon charts, and it continued to rank for a total of six weeks. In all the album sold a total of 33,921 copies.

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