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Higashiguchi DVD

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DVD Cover
Yamamoto Hisato & Togawa Jun
Higashiguchi DVD (東口DVD)
Catalog Number
  1. Introduction (イントロダクション)
  2. Virgin Blues (バージンブルース)
  3. Teinen Pushiganga (諦念プシガンガ; Singing and Dancing Resignation )
  4. Kachiku Kaikyo (家畜海峡; The Cattle Straights)
  5. Soshu Yakyoku (蘇州夜曲; Suzhou Nocturne)
  6. Rawhide (ローハイド)
  7. Namakemono (なまけもの; Lazy)
  8. Fukeba Tobu Yona Otoko Daga (吹けば飛ぶよな男だが; A Good Man Strolls By)
  10. Jungle Boogie (ジャングル・ブギー)
  11. Saigo no Dance Step (最后のダンスステップ; After All Those Dance Steps)
  12. Hysteria (ヒステリヤ)
  13. Kaibo Shitsu (解剖室; Dissecting Room)
  14. Odorenai (踊れない; Don't Dance)
  15. Higashiguchi Toruenzu no Tema (東口トルエンズのテーマ; East Entrance Trend Theme)
  16. Mushi no Onna (蛹化の女; Pupating Woman)
  17. Masao no Yume (まさおの夢; Dream of Hatchet)
  18. Odorenai (LIVE@Naked Loft) (踊れない; Don't Dance)
  19. (Seishiga Tokuten) Higashiguchi Photo Gallery ([静止画特典] 東口 Photo Gallery)
  20. (Seishiga Tokuten) English Text Data ([静止画特典] English Text Data)


Higashiguchi DVD is the first DVD released by Togawa Jun and third by Yamamoto Hisato. It features footage from their performance in May, 2005 at Shimokitazawa Basement Bar, a small performance at Naked Loft, and short digest footage from their concert.

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