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Tokyo no Yaban

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Album Cover
Togawa Jun
Tokyo no Yaban (東京の野蛮; Tokyo Barbarism)
1987.04.25 (CD/LP/Cassette)
1993.08.21 (CD reissue)
1994.12.21 (CD reissue)
2006.02.22 (CD reissue)
2011.05.11 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
32XA-133 (CD)
HYS-28002 (LP)
HYC-28002 (Cassette)
ALCA-516 ('93 reissue)
ALCA-9129 ('94 reissue)
MHCL-716 ('06 reissue)
MHCL-20136 ('11 reissue)
¥3,360 (CD)
¥2,940 (Casette)
¥2,310 ('06 reissue)
¥2,500 ('11 reissue)
  1. Sayonara wo Oshiete (さよならをおしえて; Teach Me Goodbye)
  2. Umi Yakara (海ヤカラ; Fellow Sea)
  3. Boshi Jusei (母子受精; Star Fertilization)
  4. Teinen Pushiganga (諦念プシガンガ; Singing and Dancing Resignation )
  5. Mushi no Onna (蛹化の女; Pupating Woman)
  6. Punk Mushi no Onna (パンク蛹化の女; Punk Pupating Woman)
  7. Osozaki Girl (遅咲きガール; Late Blooming Girl)
  8. Kyokuto Ian Shoka (極東慰安唱歌; Far Eastern Comfort Songs)
  9. Gankyu Kitan (眼球奇譚; Strange Eye Ballad)
  10. Tamahime-sama (玉姫様; Princess Tama)
  11. Radar Man (レーダーマン)
  12. Doto no Ren'ai (怒濤の恋愛; Equal Romance)


Tokyo no Yaban is the first remix album released by Togawa Jun. This album is completely produced by Togawa herself. The album contains remixes of previous work from her earlier studio albums and singles.

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