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KOTOKO promoting tears cyclone -Kai- (2018)

KOTOKO (ことこ) is a Japanese singer, composer and lyricist specialising in video game and anime theme songs. After a ten year association with production team I've Sound she started her own management company Orpheeco (オルフェコ) in 2011. Her most recent releases have been via Warner Home Video.



KOTOKO promoting "Real Onigokko" (2007)
KOTOKO promoting "BLAZE" (2008)
KOTOKO promoting "SCREW" (2009)
KOTOKO promoting "Loop-the-Loop" (2010)
KOTOKO promoting "Light My Fire" (2011)
KOTOKO promoting "Restart" (2012)
KOTOKO promoting "Kuchuu Puzzle" (2013)
KOTOKO promoting "ZoNE-iT" (2014)

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