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Kissing You (Girls' Generation)

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Single Cover
Girls' Generation
Digital Single
Kissing You - Rhythmer Remix Vol.1
  1. Kissing You - Skool Rock Remix (By Jeong Gu Hyeon (정구현))
  2. Kissing You - House Remix (By Ki Hyun Seok (기현석))
  3. Kissing You - Groovy Candy Remix (By Philtre)
  4. Kissing You - Funk Remix (By Shoon)


"Kissing You - Rhythmer Remix Vol.1" is Girls' Generation second digital and remix single. The single includes four remixes of the original "Kissing You", included in their debut album So Nyeo Si Dae.

The cover art features Girls' Generation members in the "Kissing You" music video outfits, although none of the remixes were used on it.