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Kitamura Eri First Tour 2012 Re;Story

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DVD Cover
Blu-ray Cover
Kitamura Eri
Kitamura Eri FIRST TOUR 2012 RE;STORY (喜多村英梨FIRST TOUR 2012 RE;STORY)
Catalog Number
KIBM-363 (DVD)
KIXM-94 (Blu-ray)
¥5,040 (DVD)
¥6,090 (Blu-ray)
Concert Tracklist
  1. -Opening-
  2. re;story
  3. Veronica
  5. brand-new blood
  6. Ashiato (足跡; Footprint)
  7. Destiny
  8. SHINE
  9. Baby Butterfly
  10. -Band Performance-
  11. Be Starters!
  12. Shirushi (紋; Crest)
  13. Yukihana (雪華 ; Snow Flower)
  14. -Band Introduction-
  15. My Singing
  16. Happy Girl
  17. Kokoro no Rhythm (ココロノリズム; Rhythm of the Heart)
  18. alive
  19. →↑
  20. Taste of Paradise (BAND Ver.) (Encore)
  21. Miracle Gliders (Encore)
  22. Over~Yozora no Yakusoku~ (~夜空の約束~; Promise of the Night Sky) (Encore)
  23. Be A Diamond (Encore)
  1. Kitamura Eri FIRST TOUR 2012 RE;STORY Making Documentary

Kitamura Eri FIRST TOUR 2012 RE;STORY is the first live DVD and Blu-ray released by Kitamura Eri. It features her first solo concert at Studio Coast. The Blu-ray reached 3rd on the Oricon chart selling 2,647 copies.