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Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki

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CD+DVD Edition Cover
CD Edition Cover
Kitamura Eri
Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki (妄想帝国蓄音機)
Catalog Number
TECI-600 (CD)
1,944 (CD+DVD)
1,404 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition
  1. Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki (妄想帝国蓄音機)
  2. fairy∞world
  3. Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki -Instrumental-
  4. fairy∞world -Instrumental-
  • Regular Edition
  1. Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki (妄想帝国蓄音機)
  2. fairy∞world
  3. ViViD DESiRE
  4. Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki -Instrumental-
  5. fairy∞world -Instrumental-
  6. ViViD DESiRE -Instrumental-
DVD Tracklist
  1. "Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki" (Music Clip)
  2. "Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki" (Making)
  3. "Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki" (CM SPOT ver.)

"Mousou Teikoku Chikuonki" is the 16th single released by Kitamura Eri. It came in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. The title track was used as opening theme song for the anime gd men.

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