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Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

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Kusanagi Tsuyoshi promoting "Mistake! / Battery" (2013)

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅剛) is a Japanese pop singer, actor and member of the Johnny's Entertainment group SMAP. Before he joined SMAP, he was part of the singing unit CHA-CHA from 1988 to 1991. On April 23rd, 2009, Kusanagi was arrested in a park in the Minato Ward of Tokyo for public indecency under the influence of alcohol. He can speak Korean fluently.


  • Name: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅剛)
  • Nickname: Tsuyoshi (つよし), Tsuyoshi-kun (つよしくん). Tsuyopon (つよぽん) Tsuyo-chan (つよちゃん)
  • Birthdate: July 9, 1974 (1974-07-09) (age 43)
  • Birthplace: Seiyo, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Favorite Sports: Swimming, Artistic Gymanastics, Tae Kwon Do
  • Favorite Artist: B'z






  • [2011.01.xx] POTATO February 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.04.xx] Popolo June 2011 Issue (Feature)


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