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Masta Wu

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Masta Wu promoting Mass Wu pt.2 (2007)

Masta Wu is a Korean hip-hop artist under YG Entertainment.


  • Stage Name: Masta Wu
  • Real Name: Woo Gin Won (우진원)
  • Birthdate: October 25, 1978
  • Bloodtype: A
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Religion: Christian


Masta Wu path to stardom shares similarities with label-mates Jinusean because he too started off under the guidance of former Deux member Lee Hyun Do aka D.O. Prior to his involvement with YG, he was know as Ginnwon and featured heavily on other hip-hop albums such as the aforementioned D.O.'s album Hip-Hop.

Since signing with YG, Masta Wu released two albums,Masta Peace and Mass Wu pt.2, and has done numerous collaborations with other label-mates, most notably Se7en and Big Mama.

Many fans tend to say that along with the transformation of alias from Ginnwon to Masta Wu, and the signing with YG, the MC has "fell off" and "sold out". While initially being respected as an underground MC, long time fans often claim that Masta Wu has watered down his lyrics and changed his style to better accompany the 'Hip-Pop' or poppish styling of YG Entertainment group. However, despite any negative critical reaction, Masta Wu now finds himself more in the spotlight than he ever was, much in part to the additional exposure signing with YG has gotten him.

In 2008 he joined Digital Masta and created the K-Hip-Hop duo YMGA.




  • [2001.02.07] Jinusean - The Reign (#5 Hip Hop Seoul (feat. Chino Xl, Masta Wu, Teddy), #8 Hip Hop (feat. Masta Wu, Lexy))
  • [2002.01.16] PSY - Ssa 2 (#1 Intro (feat. Masta Wu, Jed, Ray Jay, Yohan), #8 Sauna Sogeuro (feat. Masta Wu))
  • [2004.05.21] Wanted - Like The First (#2 Naneun... (feat. Masta Wu, Lexy))
  • [2004.09.09] Gummy - It's Different (#10 So Much (feat. Masta Wu))
  • [2004.11.12] Jinusean - Norabose (#6 Mister Jinusean (feat. Wheesung, Masta Wu))
  • [2005.05.04] 45RPM - Old Rookie (#6 One (feat. Red Roc, Sean2Slow, Vasco, Masta Wu, YDG))
  • [2005.07.23] PSY - Remake & Mix 18 Beon (#14 Life (feat. ChoPD, Lee Ha Neul, JP, Masta Wu))
  • [2006.03.08] SE7EN - 24/SE7EN (#2 Love Story (feat. Masta Wu))
  • [2007.05.11] Ji Eun - Rain (#11 Ije Geumanhae (feat. Masta Wu))

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