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Michi / Seishun

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Promo LP Cover
CD Cover
Moritaka Chisato
Michi / Seishun (道 / 青春)
Catalog Number
WPDL-4139 (CD)
WPSL-413 (CT)
LRS-2044 (Promo LP)
CD & LP Tracklist
  1. Michi (道; Road)
  2. Seishun (青春; Youth)
CT Tracklist
  • Side A
  1. Michi (道)
  2. Michi (Original Karaoke)
  • Side B
  1. Seishun (青春)
  2. Seishun (Original Karaoke)


"Michi / Seishun" is the ninth single released by Moritaka Chisato. The single reached #5 on the weekly Oricon chart and charted for thirteen weeks, selling 163,500 copies. It also reached #75 on the yearly Oricon chart for 1990.

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