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Mirror (Domoto Koichi)

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Limited Edition
Regular Edition
Domoto Koichi
Catalog Number
JECN-0113 (Limited), JECN-0114 (Regular)
¥3,500 (Limited), ¥3,000 (Regular)
  1. Ai no Juujika ~Promise 2U~ (愛の十字架~Promise 2U~; Love's Cross)
  2. Deep in your heart
  3. One more XXX...
  4. SNAKE
  5. Kagen no Tsuki (下弦の月; Moon's Last Quarter)
  6. Take me to...
  7. Spica
  8. Shadows On The Floor
  9. Velvet Rain (ヴェルヴェット・レイン)
  10. Addicted
  11. Tsuioku no Ame (追憶の雨; Rain's Reminiscence)
  12. +MILLION but -LOVE
  13. -so young blues- 2006 (Regular Edition only)


mirror is Domoto Koichi's debut solo album. The limited edition included a 72-page photobook, 20-page liner notes and 3-fold case design. The regular edition included a 24-page booklet and a bonus track. It reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for eight weeks. It sold 147,368 copies, becoming the #89 album of 2006.

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