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Mr. Platonic

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CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
CD+Goods Cover
Picture Label CD Cover
Picture Label CD 7 Piece Set Cover
Ito Momoka ver. Cover
Hayashida Mahiro ver. Cover
Fujita Miria ver. Cover
Inoue Rikako ver. Cover
Nomoto Sora ver. Cover
Shimomura Miki ver. Cover
Catalog Number
AVCD-16561/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-16562 (CD Only (Fairies ver.))
AVCD-16563 (CD Only (Ito Momoka ver.))
AVCD-16564 (CD Only (Hayashida Mahiro ver.))
AVCD-16565 (CD Only (Fujita Miria ver.))
AVCD-16566 (CD Only (Inoue Rikako ver.))
AVCD-16567 (CD Only (Nomoto Sora ver.))
AVCD-16568 (CD Only (Shimomura Miki ver.))
AVC1-16569 (CD+Goods)
AVCD-16570 (Picture Label CD)
AVCD-16571~7 (Picture Label CD 7 Piece Set)
¥7,560 (Picture Label CD 7 Piece Set)
¥1,944 (CD+DVD)
¥1,200 (CD+Goods)
¥1,080 (CD Only & Picture Label CD)
CD Tracklist
  • CD+DVD
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Margaret (マーガレット)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Margaret (Instrumental)
  • Ito Momomka ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Junai (純愛; Pure Love)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Junai (Instrumental)
  • Hayashida Mahiro ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Terminal (ターミナル)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Terminal (Instrumental)
  • Fujita Miria ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Tough Girls
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Tough Girls (Instrumental)
  • Inoue Rikako ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Massara Mamma Mia (まっさらマンマミーア)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Massara Mamma Mia (Instrumental)
  • Nomoto Sora ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Commander
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Commander (Instrumental)
  • Shimomura Miki ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Runway
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Runway (Instrumental)
  • CD+Goods & Picture Label
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Margaret
DVD Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic -Video Clip-
  2. Mr.Platonic -Making-


"Mr.Platonic" is the eleventh single released by Fairies. It was released in seventeen versions: a CD+DVD edition, seven CD Only editions (one group and six member versions), a mu-mo CD+Goods edition, a mu-mo Picture Label CD, and seven mu-mo Picture Label CD 7 Piece Sets.

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