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Mr. Platonic

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CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
CD+Goods Cover
Picture Label CD Cover
Picture Label CD 7 Piece Set Cover
Catalog Number
AVCD-16561/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-16562 (CD Only (Fairies ver.))
AVCD-16563 (CD Only (Ito Momoka ver.))
AVCD-16564 (CD Only (Hayashida Mahiro ver.))
AVCD-16565 (CD Only (Fujita Miria ver.))
AVCD-16566 (CD Only (Inoue Rikako ver.))
AVCD-16567 (CD Only (Nomoto Sora ver.))
AVCD-16568 (CD Only (Shimomura Miki ver.))
AVC1-16569 (CD+Goods)
AVCD-16570 (Picture Label CD)
AVCD-16571~7 (Picture Label CD 7 Piece Set)
¥7,560 (Picture Label CD 7 Piece Set)
¥1,944 (CD+DVD)
¥1,200 (CD+Goods)
¥1,080 (CD Only & Picture Label CD)
CD Tracklist
  • CD+DVD
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Margaret (マーガレット)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Margaret (Instrumental)
  • Ito Momomka ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Junai (純愛; Pure Love)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Junai (Instrumental)
  • Hayashida Mahiro ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Terminal (ターミナル)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Terminal (Instrumental)
  • Fujita Miria ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Tough Girls
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Tough Girls (Instrumental)
  • Inoue Rikako ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Massara Mamma Mia (まっさらマンマミーア)
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Massara Mamma Mia (Instrumental)
  • Nomoto Sora ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Commander
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Commander (Instrumental)
  • Shimomura Miki ver. Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Runway
  3. Mr.Platonic (Instrumental)
  4. Runway (Instrumental)
  • CD+Goods & Picture Label
  1. Mr.Platonic
  2. Margaret
DVD Tracklist
  1. Mr.Platonic -Video Clip-
  2. Mr.Platonic -Making-


"Mr.Platonic" is the eleventh single released by Fairies. It was released in seventeen versions: a CD+DVD edition, seven CD Only editions (one group and six member versions), a mu-mo CD+Goods edition, a mu-mo Picture Label CD, and seven mu-mo Picture Label CD 7 Piece Sets.

Member Covers

Ito Momoka ver. Cover
Hayashida Mahiro ver. Cover
Fujita Miria ver. Cover
Inoue Rikako ver. Cover
Nomoto Sora ver. Cover
Shimomura Miki ver. Cover

Song Information

Fairies promoting the single
Other Information

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