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PEARL promoting LIVE IN JAPAN (1999)

PEARL (パール) is a Japanese rock band that debuted in 1987. It is fronted by Vocalist and lead Guitarist TAMURA "SHO-TA" NAOMI, whom has remained the only constant member over the years, and for a couple years she recorded for PEARL as a solo project. After taking a few years off and launching a successful solo career under her given name, Tamura restarted PEARL with an all new lineup in 1997.


Former Members


PEARL promoting E=MC2 (1988)

The band first formed under the name STEP while SHO-TA, KAZUYA, MICHIKI, and HONEY were in high school. The band then changed their name to PEARL, named after Janis Joplin's last album.

The band debuted in 1987 with the album PEARL FIRST. A year after, KAZUYA ledt the group and Furuta Koji replaced him as the band's guitarist. But, the members soon departed one by one until SHO-TA was the only member left. She continued Pearl, releasing many albums, before she went solo under her real name, Tamura Naomi, in 1994.

In 1997, the band was revived with three new members and Tamura. In the three year career span, the band released two singles, one video, and many albums before the band took another hiatus in 2000. The band would not revive until seven years later when a best album was released in honor of the band's 20th anniversary. Also, the band got back together in 2007 to perform small concert at selected cities.


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