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T-ARA 1st Lovey Dovey Roly Poly Live in Bangkok

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Concert Promotion Poster

T-ARA 1st Lovey Dovey Roly Poly Live in Bangkok is a concert in Bangkok, Thailand by T-ARA.



  1. Neo Ttaemune Micheo (너 때문에 미쳐; I Go Crazy Because of You)
  2. Naega Neomu Apa (내가 너무 아파; I'm Really Hurt)
  3. Bye Bye
  4. Cry Cry
  5. Ruk Yoo Hon Dai (รักอยู่หนใด; Where is Love?) (Pop Angels cover)
  6. Apple is A
  7. Bo Peep Bo Peep
  8. yayaya
  9. Only You (So Yeon's Solo) (Noona Nuengthida cover)
  10. Till the World Ends (Britney Spears cover)
  11. TTL (Time To Love)
  12. Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom (처음처럼; Like The First Time)
  13. Wae Ireoni (왜 이러니; Why Are You Being Like This)
  14. Roly-Poly
  15. Lovey-Dovey
  16. Encore
    1. Bo Peep Bo Peep
    2. Roly-Poly
    3. Lovey-Dovey

Concert Schedule

Date Place Venue
June 03, 2012 Bangkok, Thailand Bitec Bangna Hall

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