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Uroko (Hata Motohiro)

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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Hata Motohiro
Uroko (鱗(うろこ))
Catalog Number
AUCK-19927/8 (Limited Edition)
AUCK-19019 (Regular Edition)
¥1,575 (Limited Edition)
¥1,260 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Uroko (鱗(うろこ); Fish Scales)
  2. Pool (プール)
  3. Yoru wo Buttobase (夜をぶっとばせ; Let 's Spend The Night Together) (original: ORIGINAL LOVE)
  4. Uroko [backing track] (鱗(うろこ))
DVD Tracklist
  • LIVE at Shibuya O-WEST March 22nd 2007
  1. Ao (青; Blue)
  2. Yawarakana Gogo ni Osoi Choushoku wo (やわらかな午後に遅い朝食を)
  3. dot
  4. Synchro (シンクロ)
  5. Uroko (鱗(うろこ)
  1. Uroko -Director's Cut- (鱗(うろこ))


"Uroko" is the second single released by Hata Motohiro. The title track was used as the image song for the documentary Tejise ~1461-nichi no Kioku~. The single was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD Only edition. The single reached #25 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 10 weeks.

Song Information

Hata Motohiro
Hata Motohiro
Other Information
Arrangement: Kameda Seiji

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