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Yuguchi Aimi

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Yuguchi Aimi promoting Hono no Onna.

Yuguchi Aimi (湧口愛美) is a Japanese pop/rock artist under Victor Entertainment Inc.'s Sweetstar sub-label.



Song Star

Aimi Yuguchi's career first began on Song Star (歌スタ), a remade version of Star is Born!, a televised singing audition show which some famous acts like Foxxi misQ , Ito Chiaki , and Takahiro Tasaki have participated in. The program set contestants against each other slightly like American Idol in the hopes of winning a recording contract as a solo artist or joining a group. The year Yuguchi participated in the show the prize was a contract at Sweetstar, which was newly created at the time, and Asanuma Takuya that season was one of the judges for the show. Along with Yuguchi, Matsubara Shizuka also won the competition and contract with Sweetstar with the two contestants ending up in a tie for first place.


Yuguchi's debut single titled Smile. was composed by JUDY AND MARY lead guitarist Asanuma Takuya . Ironically one of Aimi's favorite singers' is YUKI, former lead vocalist of JUDY AND MARY . Smile. peaked at #197 on Oricon and stayed on the charts for 1 week. A year later Aimi released Que Ser Sera, her follow up single to her debut. Yuguchi wrote the lyrics and Mr. Children drummer Hideya Suzuki also made an appearance in the song with the credit of a "Guest Drummer". During the year of Que Ser Sera , Aimi released an announcement titled "Lets record a happy song together" on her official website. "Lets record a happy song together" called the attention of professional and amateur musicians to audition for Yuguchi. Whoever would win would produce Yuguchi's next single. A year later Yuguchi released Hono no Onna. The single was written and produced by "Let's record a happy song together" winner Eiji Sugiura . Hono no Onna, like Que Ser Sera didn't chart on Oricon.


After the release of Aimi's third single, Aimi teamed up with "Brother TOM" and released a collaboration single titled Koi wa Biyon ~No Mo-so No Love~ under the group name of amtm. Koi wa Biyon ~No Mo-so No Love~ is a cover of the popular song "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John, a Swedish indie rock band. The single was released 4.27.2007 which included the same type of cartoon promotional video the original song "Young Folks" had.



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