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Sakai Izumi

ZARD was a Japanese pop group under B-Gram RECORDS. Around the release of their third album, HOLD ME, all the band members had left except Sakai Izumi. ZARD then became the solo project of Izumi, writing all the music and lyrics herself. According to an episode of Music Station in 2005, ZARD has sold a combined total of 35,450,000 copies, making her the #8 best selling artist in Japan.


  • Stage Name: Sakai Izumi (坂井泉水)
  • Birth Name: Kamachi Sachiko (蒲池幸子)
  • Birthdate: February 6, 1967
  • Deathdate: May 26, 2007 (aged 40)
  • Birth Place: Kurume, Kyushu, Japan
  • Height: 165cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Family: Parents, older brother, younger sister
  • Things that she liked: Swimming, reading, watching people, sports, drawing, to be photographed, to buy shirts and go out at night
  • Things that she disliked: Sashimi, high-heeled shoes, western-styled houses, glue used for shoes, rude people, waking up at morning and red things


ZARD was a highly renowned group in Japan, having produced some very popular songs since their debut in 1991. Their debut single "Good-bye My Loneliness" broke into the top 10 on the singles charts on Oricon, securing #9. Their next major hit came in January of 1993 when their 6th single, "Makenaide", brought ZARD to the top at #1 and has since sold over 1.5 million copies. Around this time, ZARD became the solo project of lead singer and song writer Sakai Izumi. This quickly earned ZARD recognition at the Japan Golden Disc Awards of 1994. Another note is that ZARD's vocalist personally wrote the lyrics to every single song she sang except for a little few. ZARD has also performed several songs that have been chosen as Japanese animation themes such as Meitantei Conan, Dragon Ball GT, and Slam Dunk. Since their debut, ZARD released 42 singles and 17 albums in total. Sakai Izumi's vocals are considered by many critics a high point of ZARD's music, which revolve around ballads.

Sakai was diagnosed with cervical cancer in June 2006; the cancer went into remission, but despite this onset, on April of 2007, the cancer was on the move again. On the 26th of May, while being treated for this cancer, Sakai fell three meters from a hospital staircase while returning to her room from a routine walk around the hospital. She was found at 5:40am. She suffered severe trauma to the back of her head (brain contusion), and on 3:10pm she died due to the cerebral contusion. The slippery surface of the staircase due to rain the previous day was blamed for her fall. Some rumors about suicide were being considered, but in the end probably discarded.

On June 27th 2007, a memorial funeral was held at Aoyama Cemetery.



ZARD promoting HOLD ME (1992)
ZARD promoting OH MY LOVE (1994)
ZARD promoting forever you (1995)
ZARD promoting Kimi to no Distance (2005)

Best Albums

Live Albums

Orgel Albums

Tribute Albums



Video Releases

Compilations / Other





10° ~decimo~ Le Portfolio Kitto Wasurenai

  • [2001.11.21] 10° ~decimo~
  • [2006.10.25] Le Portfolio (ル・ポルトフォリオ)
  • [2007.08.15] Kitto Wasurenai (きっと忘れない)

Poetry Selection

  • [2000.02.06] Yureru Omoi (揺れる想い; Shaking Memories)
  • [2000.06.19] Makenaide (負けないで; Don't Lose)
  • [2000.09.06] My Friend (マイ フレンド)
  • [2000.12.12] promised you

Music Scores

  • [1999.02.17] ZARD BLEND ~SUN & STONE~ (Offical Band Score)
  • [1999.02.17] Eien (永遠; Eternity) (Offical Band Score)
  • [1999.05.28] ZARD BEST ~Request Memorial~ (Offical Piano & Vocal Score)
  • [2001.02.15] Toki no Tsubasa (時間(とき)の翼; Wings of Time) (Offical Piano & Vocal Score)

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