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Ai Yi Xiang (i amber)

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Regular Cover
Commemorative CD+DVD Cover
Amber Kuo
Ài Yì Xiǎng (i amber) (愛異想; Love Thoughts)
2009.07.03 (Commemorative CD+DVD Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Yòu Yuán Le De Yuèliàng (又圓了的月亮; Another Full Moon)
  2. Love & Love
  3. Tiānshēng Yīduì (feat. Nicholas Teo) (天生一對; Perfect Match)
  4. Nǐ Zài, Bùzài (你在,不在; You're Here, Not Here)
  5. Ài Yì Xiǎng (愛異想; Love Thoughts)
  6. Sorry Duìbùqǐ (Sorry對不起; Sorry)
  7. Ài Jìjiào (愛計較; Love to Haggle)
  8. Didadi Dì Měi (Didadi的美; Didadi Love)
  9. Hěnhěn Kū (狠狠哭; Ruthlessly Cry)
  10. Rain Won't Stay
DVD Tracklist
  1. Yòu Yuán Le De Yuèliàng (MV)
  2. Nǐ Zài, Bùzài (MV)
  3. Ài Yì Xiǎng (MV)
  4. Rain Won't Stay (MV)
  5. Hěnhěn Kū (MV)
  6. Behind-the-scenes MV Footage


Ài Yì Xiǎng (i amber) is the second album released by Amber Kuo. The album was initially released in pre-order and regular edition, with the former including lipstick. The album was later re-released with a bonus DVD including five music videos and a 32-page photobook.

G-Music Charts

Amber Kuo promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
2 6.48
1 14.51
4 4.60
9 2.15
18 0.58
16 0.78
11 1.12
17 0.59

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