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CD Cover
Bibi Zhou
Hei·Ze·Ming (黑·择·明; Dark·Select·Bright)
Tracklist - Disc 1: WHITE
  1. Hei Pingguo (黑苹果; Black Apple)
  2. Yugan (预感; Premonition)
  3. Dai Ni Qu Daufeng (带你去兜风; Guiding You to Catch the Wind)
  4. Mangdian (盲点; Blind Spot)
  5. Dushen Zhuyi (独身主义; Solitary)
Tracklist - Disc 2: BLACK
  1. Dui Zui (对嘴; Opposing Mouth)
  2. Shiguang Yuyan (时光预言; Time Prophecy)
  3. Ouran (偶然; Accidental)
  4. Fu'ermosi (福尔摩斯; Sherlock Holmes)
  5. Yueliang De Beimian (月亮的背面; The Back of the Moon)

Hei·Ze·Ming is Bibi Zhou's sixth studio album. "Hei Pingguo" and "Dui Zui" was used as promotional song.