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It's Unique

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Album Cover
Big Mama
It's Unique
  1. INTRO
  2. AGAIN
  3. Sori (소리; Sound)
  4. THE DAY
  5. Yeoja (여자; Woman)
  6. Naraoreuda– (날아오르다; Rise Up)
  7. Geu Biche Gamssayeo (FOLLOW INNER LIGHT) (그 빛에 감싸여)
  8. Cheonyeodeurui Suda (처녀들의 수다; Girl Talk)
  9. Gyeolhonhalkkayo (결혼할까요; Let's Get Married)
  10. Oegil (외길; An Unforked Road)
  11. Chenyeom Hu (체념 後(후); After Resignation)
  12. Nahollo (나홀로; Alone)
  13. I WISH
  14. Sijak (시작; Start)


It's Unique is Big Mama's second album. The songs "Sori", "Yeoja" and "Chenyeom Hu" were used as lead tracks. The song "Chenyeom Hu" was a Lee Young Hyun solo, and "Nahollo" a Park Min Hye solo.

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