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Just Sing It

Album Cover
Penny Tai
Just sing it
CD Tracklist
  1. Just sing it
  2. Shijian Kuai Zhuan (時間快轉; Time Quickly Turns)
  3. Buyiding (不一定; Maybe)
  4. Ai Guo (愛過; Loved)
  5. Yuwang De Shijie (慾望的世界; Desired World)
  6. Wo Haishi Hen Ai Ni (我還是很愛你; I Still Really Love You)
  7. Just like her
  8. Lu (路; Road)
  9. Jie Jue De Zhufu (街角的祝福; Street Corner's Blessing)
  10. Deng Ni Huilai (等你回來; Wait For You to Come Back)
  11. Wo Qidao (我祈禱; I Pray)
  12. Yi Jiu Jiu Jiu (一九九九; 1999)


Just sing it is the third album released by Penny Tai.

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