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==External Links==
==External Links==
*Oricon Profile: [ Original Release] | [ 1988 Reissue] | [ 1998 Reissue]
*Oricon Profile: [ Original Release] | [ 1988 Reissue] | [ 1998 Reissue] | [ 2005 Reissue]
{{Southern All Stars}}
{{Southern All Stars}}

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LP/12cm Cover
1988 8cm Cover
1998 8cm Cover
Southern All Stars
Kibun Shidai de Semenaide (気分しだいで責めないで; Don't Pet Me So Freely)
1988.06.25 (8cm CD Reissue)
1998.02.11 (8cm CD Reissue)
2005.06.25 (12cm CD Reissue)
Catalog Number
VDRS-1045 (1988 8cm CD Reissue)
VIDL-30102 (1998 8cm CD Reissue)
VICL-36002 (2005 12cm CD Reissue)
¥1,000 (1988 8cm CD Reissue)
¥800 (1998 8cm CD Reissue / 2005 12cm CD Reissue)
  1. Kibun Shidai de Semenaide (気分しだいで責めないで)
  2. Chigasaki ni Se wo Mukete (茅ヶ崎に背を向けて)


"Kibun Shidai de Semenaide" is the second single released by Southern All Stars. The single reached #10 on Oricon charts, and charted for 22 weeks.

Song Information

Kuwata Keisuke
Kuwata Keisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: Southern All Stars
Wind Inst. Arrangement: Nitta Ichirou
Horn: Horn Spectrum
Tenor Sax: Shimizu Yasuaki
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Kanezaki Junichi, Nitta Ichirou
Trombone: Nitta Ichirou, Yoshida Toshiyuki
Strings: Joe Strings

External Links

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