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maya & Aiji promoting "LET ME' CRAZY!!" (2010)

LM.C (lovely-mocochang) is the current project of Aiji (ex-PIERROT). It consists of Aiji on guitar and maya, who used to be known as Maayatan, 雅-miyavi-'s ex-support guitarist, on vocals.

LM.C's sound is far from pop, with their song "☆Rock the LM.C☆" being mostly rapvocals with guitar (like Limp Bizkit's or Linkin Park's Hip-Metal), while little Fat Man boy has a more upbeat sound and a wild claymation PV to go with it. A lot of their songs also contains genres such as Techno and Electronic.


Current Support Band

  • IKUO (Bass)
  • Death-O (Drums)
  • JUN☆MURAYAMA (Keyboard)

Former Support Band

  • Hiko (Bass)
  • Death-O (Drums)
  • JAYKAY (Keyboard)




Best Albums

Other Albums


Other Singles

Digital Singles

Video Releases

Compilations / Other



  • [2008.07.xx] Zy.[zi:] No.41 (Feature)
  • [2010.10.xx] FOOL'S MATE December Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.03.xx] ARENA37 Degree April 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.03.xx] SHOXX May 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.08.xx] SHOXX October 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.08.xx] FOOL'S MATE October 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.09.xx] SHOXX November 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.10.xx] SHOXX December 2011 Issue (Feature)
  • [2011.10.xx] SHOXX POSTER MAGAZINE glipo Vol.2 (Cover, Feature & Poster)

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