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Longzhong Dengchang

Album Cover
Andrew Tan
Long Zhong Deng Chang (隆重登場; Grand Appearance)
CD Tracklist
  1. Guang (光; Light)
  2. Ling Yan Xiang Kan (另眼相看; To View in a New Light)
  3. Bai Qian (抱歉; Regret)
  4. Fantasy
  5. Xi Guan Ni (習慣你; Used to You)
  6. Wo Yuan Yi (我願意; I'm Willing to)
  7. Wo Bu Guan (我不管; I'm No Matter)
  8. Come On
  9. Special Agent
  10. Shu (曙; Bright)


Long Zhong Deng Chang is the debut album released by Andrew Tan. It was only released in Malaysia.