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SHISHAMO promoting Boots wo Narashite - EP (2021)

SHISHAMO is a Japanese pop-rock 3-piece girl band from Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan under the Good Creators Records label.




SHISHAMO promoting SHISHAMO 2 (2015)

The original three members, Miyazaki Asako, Matsumoto Aya, and Yoshikawa Misaki, attended their high school's light music club in their first year and formed the band SHISHAMO together. They named themselves after a commonly eaten type of small fish and originally they wrote their name in kanji (柳葉魚; Willow Leaf Fish). Miyazaki Asako and Matsumoto Aya had been friends since childhood, but the two met Yoshikawa Misaki in high school.

In 2011 they started writing original music and in May competed at the Teens Rock in Hitachinaka music contest where they took home the grand prize and best vocalist award. It was after this time that the band decided to spell their band name in Latin script.

The band released their debut single "Shukudai ga Owaranai" in October 2012 and also became radio personalities for All Night Nippon R. In January 2013, they released the compilation album Sotsugyou Seisaku and toured Japan in March.

In Spring 2013 the members graduated high school and began to focus fully on the band. They released their debut album SHISHAMO in November. On December 6, 2013, the band held their first solo concert at the Shibuya WWW in Tokyo. After performing their second national tour "Kanojo ga Dekita Bandman ni Koi Suru Kyuujitsu" in May 2014, the band performed at nine summer festivals across Japan and released the single "Kimi to Natsu Fes".

On September 11, 2014, it was announced that Matsumoto Aya was leaving the band due to a promise she made to herself in high school that she would leave the band when she turned 20. She was replaced by bassist Matsuoka Aya. Not too long after they released the single "Ryousan Gata Kareshi".


SHISHAMO promoting "Natsu no Koibito" (2016)
SHISHAMO promoting "Hora, Waratteru" (2017)
SHISHAMO promoting SHISHAMO 5 (2018)
SHISHAMO promoting SHISHAMO 6 (2020)

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SHISHAMO - SHISHAMO 5 band score.jpg

  • [2019.03.30] Band Score SHISHAMO SHISHAMO 5 (バンド・スコア SHISHAMO「SHISHAMO 5」)


Concert List
Dates Concert Kanji Translation
2013.03.xx–2013.xx.xx Graduation Trip
2013.08.09 Natsu no Benkyoukai Hirakimasu. 夏の勉強会開きます。 We Will Have a Study Session in Summer.
2013.12.06 SHISHAMO 1st ALBUM Record Hatsu One-Man SHISHAMO 1st ALBUM レコ発ワンマン
2014.05.24–2014.06.29 Kanojo ga Dekita Bandman ni Koi Suru Kyuujitsu 彼女ができたバンドマンに恋する休日 The Holiday She Fell in Love with a Bandman
2014.10.04–2014.11.28 Kimi to Kimi no Kareshi to Tenkou Shita Kanojo no Nichiyobi no Date Plan 君ときみの彼氏と転校した彼女の日曜日のデートプラン The Date Plan for Her Sunday When I Transferred with You and Your Boyfriend
2015.04.04–2015.06.13 Sayonara, Boku no Tomodachi to Hana no Kisetsu さよなら、僕のともだちと花の季節 Goodbye, My Friends and Season of Flowers
2015.10.05–2015.11.29 SHISHAMO One-Man Tour 2015 Aki "Nettaiya wa Mada Tsuzuku kedo, Girl wa Kyou mo Warawanakya Ikenai" SHISHAMO ワンマンツアー2015秋「熱帯夜はまだ続くけど、ガールは今日も笑わなきゃいけない­」 Though the Tropical Night Still Continues, The Girl Should Not Be Laughed At Today
2016.04.09–2016.05.15 SHISHAMO One-Man Tour 2016 Haru "Shoujo-tachi ga Koigokoro ni Kizuita no wa, Uchuu kara no Tabi ga Eri" SHISHAMO ワンマンツアー2016春「少女たちが恋心に気付いたのは、宇宙からの旅がえり­」
2016.06.25, 2016.06.26 SHISHAMO NO OSAKA-JOHALL!!!
2016.07.16, 2016.07.17 SHISHAMO NO YAON!!! 2016
2016.11.11–2016.12.11 SHISHAMO One-Man Tour 2016 Aki "Natsu no Koibito wa Mou Inai no ni, Koi ni Ochiru Oto ga Kikoeta no wa Kitto Ano Manga no Sei" SHISHAMO ワンマンツアー2016秋「夏の恋人はもういないのに、恋に落ちる音が聞こえたのはきっとあの漫画のせい」 Summer Lover Is No More, I'm Sure the Sound of Falling in Love Was Heard Because of That Cartoon
2017.11.06–2017.12.09 SHISHAMO One-Man Tour 2017 Aki SHISHAMO ワンマンツアー2017秋 SHISHAMO One-Man Tour 2017 Fall
2018.07.28 SHISHAMO NO Natsu MATSURI!!! ~Tadaima Kawasaki 2018~ SHISHAMO NO 夏MATSURI!!! ~ただいま川崎2018~ SHISHAMI Summer Festival!!! ~We're Home Kawasaki 2018~
2018.04.16, 2019.04.24 SHISHAMO NO YAON!!! 2018
2018.11.02–2019.03.02 SHISHAMO One-Man Tour 2018-2019 Tsuika Kouen "Nee, Anata to Ano Musume wa Yume de Shika Aenai Aidagara na no ni Doushite Yoake ni Kiss Shiteta no?" Special SHISHAMO ワンマンツアー2018-2019 追加公演 「ねぇ、あなたとあの娘は夢でしか逢えない間柄なのにどうして夜明けにキスしてたの?」スペシャル!!! SHISHAMO One-Man Tour 2018-2019 Additional Performances "Hey, Why Are You Kissing at Dawn a Girl You Can Only Meet in Your Dreams While You Are in a Relationship?" Special
2019.04.06, 2019.04.20 SHISHAMO NO YAON!!! 2019

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