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Vampire Ecstacy (album)

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Album Cover
Aural Vampire
Vampire Ecstasy
Catalog Number
  1. Opening (オープニング)
  2. Vampire Ecstasy
  3. Freeeeze!!
  4. Terror Vixen (テラービクセン)
  5. Hana no Sakigake (華の魁; Leader Flower)
  6. The Repoman
  7. Preservative Woman
  8. Crimson Tyrant (クリムゾンタイラント)
  9. S.O.B.
  10. Disco King (ディスコキング)
  11. Banboro Koubou (バンボロ工房)
  12. Murealism MC:SV925SHARK (ムリアリズム)
  13. PNFPN


Vampire Ecstasy is the debut album released by Aural Vampire. It is their first and only self-released album, released on the duo's own label "Aural Vampire Project". The title was likely taken from the 1973 horror film Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern, otherwise known as The Devil's Plaything and Vampire Ecstacy. Two songs were redone for their debut major label album ZOLTANK: "Freeeeze!!" and "PNFPN".

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