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Yuki (Nakanomori BAND)

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Isobravo / Yuki Single Cover
Nakanomori BAND (中ノ森BAND)
Yuki (雪)
Majima Masatoshi
Majima Masatoshi
Other Information
Arrangement: Miyake Shinji, Nakanomori BAND

"Yuki" is a song recorded by Nakanomori BAND.


There are two versions of "Yuki" to be found in the discography of Nakanomori BAND.

Found as track #2 on their seventh single Isobravo / Yuki, as track #9 on the album Electric Girl as well as track #16 on the best album GIRLS ROCK BEST.
Yuki -Instrumental-
Found as track #5 on the single Isobravo / Yuki.