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Electric Girl

CD+DVD Cover
CD-Only Cover
Nakanomori BAND (中ノ森BAND)
Electric Girl (エレクトリックガール)
Catalog Number
TECI-1172 (CD+DVD)
TECI-1173 (CD-Only)
¥3,360 (CD+DVD)
¥2,940 (CD-Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Electric Girl (エレクトリックガール)
  2. Happy
  3. One last tear
  4. Kaze ni Naritai (風になりたい)
  5. Shiso (シーソー)
  6. 99 Red Ballons (99ラブバルーン)
  7. Taiyou (太陽)
  8. Isobravo (イソブラボー)
  9. Yuki (雪)
  10. Tabi e no Tobira (旅への扉)
  11. Koi no Hanabi Shi (恋の花火師)
  12. Ue o Muite (ウエヲムイテ)
  13. Day by Day ~Tadotta Ashiato ni~ (Day by Day ~辿った足跡に~)
  14. Hoshi ni Natta Kimi e (星になった君へ)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Tabi e no Tobira (PV)
  2. Isobravo (PV)
  3. Yuki (PV)
  4. Kaze ni Naritai (PV)
  5. Nakanomori BAND Ofuburabo 2007 (中ノ森BANDオフブラボー2007)

Electric Girl is the third studio album of Nakanomori BAND. The album reached #70 on Oricon weekly chart and charted for 2 weeks, selling 3,483 copies.

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