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15JAM (いちごじゃむ; Strawberry Jam) is a band led and dominated by Rully. As of May 2007, 15JAM has three members; their line-up has changed several times since forming in 2003. 15JAM's music is a mix of rock with mostly pop.


15JAM was formed "one day" (the exact date is unknown) before 2003 by Rully, with herself as its sole member. In March 2003 Rully won the Grand Prix prize of Tokyo-FM's MUSICBIRD audition, and as a result was given the go-ahead to make her CD debut. Although she had wanted to form a band, Rully went on in June to sell 15JAM's first CD, marketing herself not as a soloist but as a member of the band. In addition to the mini-album being sold in stores, Rully sold an additional 1000 copies by hand. The same month, she was made the "NEWFACE" of the magazine "AUDITION". Rully also began making several media appearances including radio, television, and magazines. She decided that she wanted to become a radio personality of Tokyo-FM, and 15JAM was given "their" own radio show, which lasted about two years.

In March 2004, Rully offered her lyric-writing abilities to Tokuma Japan Communications and penned the song "Manmaru" by Okada Ayana. The single was released in July 2004.

In October 2004, 15JAM, which at this time was composed of two men and three women, held their graduation concert, leaving Rully as the sole member once more. New members weren't added to the band until January 2005, when 15JAM became a four-girl band. Guitarist Aiko also joined at this time. However, in June of the same year the bassist and drummer left, leaving Rully and Aiko as a duo. This wasn't for long; the next month a new bassist and drummer joined, and with the new members 15JAM released their first maxi single, "Dokkoi", in December 2005.

Over a year after 15JAM held a steady roster, the band once again became just Rully in September 2006. Rully continued to make several appearances on radio shows and television, and in February 2007 Aiko rejoined the band, along with Tomo on keyboard. It is unknown when drummer Ayaka joined.





  • [2005.12.09] Dokkoi (ドっ☆恋)

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