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3rd Album

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Album Cover
3rd Album
  1. Intro
  2. U-turn
  3. honey
  4. Sorrow Fantasy (솔로판타지)
  5. Seup Gwan (acoustic ver) (습관; Habit)
  6. Nae Mamsoyae Binjari (내 맘속의 빈자리; My Empty Heart)
  7. follow me
  8. runaway
  9. Aboji (Remix) (아버지(리믹스); Father)
  10. U-turn (house ver) (유턴)
  11. Seup Gwan (ver2) (습관; Habit)
  12. Last Christmas 1397 (라스트 크리스마스)


3rd Album is U;nee's third and final album. The song "Seup Gwan (acoustic ver)" was used as the lead track for a tribute song and video for U;nee. The album was planned to be released on February 1st, 2007 however on January 21, U;nee committed suicide, supposedly, due to depression. They were not going to release her third album but due to her family allowing it to be released and the high demand it was released as a gift to her fans five days after her tragic death.

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