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4Minutes Left

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Album Cover
Hong Kong Cover
4Minutes Left
  1. 4Minutes Left
  2. Geoura Geoura (거울아 거울아; Mirror Mirror)
  3. Heart to Heart
  4. Sweet Suga Honey!
  5. Moreuneun Cheok (모르는 척; Pretend)
  6. You Know
  7. Already Gone
  8. First
  9. Hide and Seek
  10. Nappeuge (나쁘게; Badly)


4Minutes Left is the first Korean album released by 4minute. Only two new songs were included on the album, "Geoura Geoura" (used as lead track) and "Nappeuge". The first six songs, excluding "Geoura Geoura", were released one week earlier on their first digital mini-album Heart to Heart. The songs "ALREADY GONE" and "Hide and Seek" were released on their first Japanese album DIAMOND. The song "FIRST" is also a Korean version of the first A-side from their third Japanese single "FIRST / DREAMS COME TRUE".

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