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7 Moments

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Album Cover
Fanny Fink
7 Moments
  1. far away
  2. Cheoeumija Majimage Gwanhayeo (처음이자 마지막에 관하여)
  3. river
  4. snow drop
  5. Gwontae Geu Apeseon Uri (권태 그 앞에선 우리)
  6. knock
  7. Wiheomhan Norae (위험한 노래)
  8. hey day
  9. hear song
  10. Neo (너)
  11. Dasi Sarang (다시 사랑)
  12. Gwontae Geu Apeseon Uri (feat. Epitone Project) (권태 그 앞에선 우리)
  13. be with me
  14. Cheoeumija Majimage Gwanhayeo (Radio Edit) (처음이자 마지막에 관하여) (Bonus Track)
  15. Gwontae Geu Apeseon Uri (Radio Edit) (권태 그 앞에선 우리) (Bonus Track)


7 Moments is Fanny Fink's second album. The song "Gwontae Geu Apeseon Uri" was used as lead track.

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