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8 Bit Darling Project ; Deluxe

Album Cover
Sweet Vacation meets Hatsune Miku
8 bit darling project ; DELUXE
2009.08.05 (TSUTAYA)
2009.08.19 (Amazon)
Catalog Number
  1. Ai ni Ikou ~I・NEED・TO・GO~ (Sexy Synthesizer meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix) (あいにいこう; I'll Go to See You)
  2. 8 bit darling "remix Rev.2" (U-ji meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix)
  3. Trick Or Treat (eighteen degrees. meets Megurine Luka Re-mix)
  4. I Feel So Good (metagalaxies meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix)
  5. Asobi ni Ikou yo (Vacation Brothers meets Kagamine Rin Re-mix) (遊びに行こうよ; Let's Play)
  6. 8 bit darling (hi-cannel! meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix)
  7. Brandnew Wave (★STAR GUiTAR meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix)
  8. I miss you ~Yume de Aetara~ "Uttori Type" (Sugimoto Tomoyuki meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix) (ユメデアエタラ "うっとりタイプ"; If I See You in My Dreams "Dreamy Type")
  9. Sexy Girl (dj_miya meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix)
  10. 8 bit darling (Chaa-san meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix)
  11. Sayonara My Days~ (Tarou meets Hatsune Miku Re-mix~) (さよならマイデイズ; Farewell My Days)
  12. Sweet Vacation Radio Special 2 (iTunes Bonus Track)


8 bit darling project ; DELUXE is the first remix album released by Sweet Vacation. It is a collaboration with the virtual vocoloid idols Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and Kagamine Rin, along with many other artists. This was first released through the TSUTAYA store chain on August 5th and it came with a slipcase. On the 19th it was released through both Amazon and the Japanese iTunes store, with the latter edition coming with a bonus track. The album reached #171 on the Oricon charts, where it charted for a week.

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