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Apeace promoting "We Are the One" (2012)

A-Peace (Apeace in Japan) (formerly known as Double B 21) is a Korean 15 member boy group mostly active in Japan. The group is known as the Korean male AKB48 because the group' number of members, units and also because, like AKB48, the group performs daily at K THEATER TOKYO. A-Peace is divided into three sub-units, Lapis5, Jade5 and Onyx5, including 5 members each one. In Japan the group counts with one more unit Apeace gem, which includes trainees.

A-Peace debuted in 2010 in Korea with the digital single "One", sung by the unit A-Peace Lapis. In 2012 the group officially debuted in Japan with the single "We Are the One" (only sold at K THEATER TOKYO). The song was used as theme song for the Glico Bitte commercial which also gave the group their first commercial.


A-Peace Lapis (2012)
A-Peace Jade (2012)
A-Peace Onix (2012)

Former Members

Korean Discography

Digital Singles

  • [2010.08.31] One (Double B 21)
  • [2010.11.04] SOS (Double B 21)

Japanese Discography


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  • Official Fanclub: Hana-one

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