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ACIDMAN promoting "EVERLIGHT" (2014)

ACIDMAN is a J-Rock group. The bassist, Satou Masatoshi is the main composer for the group, and is always experimenting with new types of music. Even though their music can be very relaxing, they tend to be categorized under punk, however, the band has a very unique sound.



ACIDMAN was formed in 1997 with four members. Shiibashi Takeshi, Urayama Ichigo, Satou Masatoshi, and Ooki Nobuo first met in a military academy in Saitama. The four went to a college in Shimokitazawa, where they formed the band. They created two demo tapes together in 1998, but Shiibashi Takeshi left in 1999. Ooki took over the vocals and became the leader of the group. They continued playing lives, and released another demo tape. Ooki earned his pharmacist license, letting the members become devoted to the band.

In 2000 ACIDMAN debuted with the single "Sekitou" under Nomadic Records. The single reached as high as number three on the indie charts. The group followed up with the mini-album Sankazora in 2002, debuting at #29 on Oricon indies charts. ACIDMAN toured with other popular indies bands such as Husking Bee and Bloodthirsty Butchers. The band was quickly signed to Toshiba-EMI.

After releasing a couple singles, the band released their first album, Sou. The album ranked at #9 on the Oricon charts. The band even won the Best Newcomers Award at The Japan Gold Disc Awards in 2003. Their next album was delayed due to the band debating adding a new member to the group. Instead, the group added a new supporting member, which could be heard on the album. With the release of Loop, the band moved away from their original sound, putting instrumentals on their album. This album was as equally important as Sou. They introduced a new interest to band in their music.

Cover Art & Videos

One of the defining characteristics of ACIDMAN is the art that accompanies their music. Their covers are often designed or painted by the singer/guitarist, Ooki Nobuo. This aspect is very important to the group. In their Repeat DVD, there is a special scene dedicated to the album cover, the video clip showed Ooki as he painted.

The group also has very notable videos. Many of their singles contain bonus videos on the CD or a bonus DVD. Also with every album release, a DVD is included with music videos.


ACIDMAN promoting "DEAR FREEDOM" (2010)



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