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ALSDEAD promoting INAZUMA (2015).
L-R: Yosuke, NIKKY, Shin, MAKI

ALSDEAD is a Japanese visual-kei band formed in the end of 2008.


Former Members


ALSDEAD officially formed on December 29, 2008 by three DICE AND JOKER former members: MAKI, Shin and Setsua, and ex-Ry:dia's Reito. On January 2009 they released a debut single, "Violent of Reason", and just month later a second single, "S.a.g.A.". On May 29, 2009 ALSDEAD played their first concert overseas at A-KON, anime convent in America. Third single titled "PARADOX" came out on October 7th. On February 2010, fourth ALSDEAD's single was released, and five months later their first studio album, entitled just ALSDEAD, came out. In 2011, they released only one single, "Into the Void", but at the beginning of 2012 ALSDEAD released mini-album MODALITY, and two singles in July and November.


L-R: Shin, MAKI, Reito, Setsua (2010)




Other Singles

  • [2010.10.20] FRAGILE (live distributed)


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