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Ai (UNiTE.)

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Limited Edition Cover
Type L
Type M
Catalog Number
DCCL-128 (Limited Edition)
DCCL-130 (Type M)
DCCL-131 (Type L)
¥3,987 (Limited Edition)
¥3,175 (Types M & L)
CD Tracklist
  1. Ai-'ation- (アイ -'ation-)
  2. May_A_Fly_i
  3. small world order (Ai ver.)
  4. At traction S
  5. Progloomy (プログルーミー)
  6. FCW
  7. Shikisokuzekuu -Irosunawachi Kore Sora Nari- (Ai ver.) (色即是空 -イロスナワチコレソラナリ- (Ai ver.))
  8. Shukusei to Chocolate (粛清とチョコレート; Purge to Chocolate)
  9. flower of reunion
  10. Heartless Classic Memory (Ai ver.) (ハートレス クラシックメモリー (Ai ver.))
Additional Tracks (Type L)
  1. Antirrhium (アンテリナム)
  2. Poromeonowa (ポロメオノワ)
Additional Tracks (Type M)
  1. scenes
  2. Invit'
Limited Edition DVD Tracklist
  1. Ai-'ation (アイ -'ation-) (MV)
  2. Ai-'ation (MV Making)

UNiTE. promoting the album

Ai is the third full length studio album released by UNiTE.. It was released in three different versions. A Limited Edition came with a DVD that includes a MV for "Ai-'ation" along with the making. Types L and M came with two extra songs. The additional tracks for Type L were chosen by LiN, while for Type M by Shiina Mio.

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