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Ametora '98

VHS Cover
DVD Cover
Ametora '98 (アメトラ '98)
1998.12.05 (VHS)
2005.01.21 (DVD)
Catalog Number
VIVL-230 (VHS)
VIBL-241 (DVD)
¥4,800 (VHS)
¥3,200 (DVD)
  1. Aozora (青空; Blue Sky)
  2. Antonio no Uta (アントニオの唄; Antonio's Song)
  3. TORO
  4. Ame Furi Hyades (あめふりヒヤデス; Rain Falling from Hyades)
  5. Wasurenai (忘れない; I Won't forget)
  6. Mayonaka no Guitar (真夜中のギター; Midnight Guitar)
  7. Milk Tea (ミルクティー)
  8. Amai Unmei (甘い運命; Sweet Fate)
  9. Yoru no Kaze (夜の風; Night's Wind)
  10. Kanashimi Johnny (悲しみジョニー; Sorrowful Johnny)
  11. Kumo ga Chigireru Toki (雲がちぎれる時; When the Clouds Tear Apart)
  12. Futari (2人; 2 People)
  13. Yuganda Taiyou (歪んだ太陽; Distorted Sun)
  14. Jounetsu (情熱; Passion)
  15. Just Missed The Train
  16. Mizuiro (水色; Light Blue)


Ametora '98 is the first VHS released by UA. On January 21, 2005, it was re-released in DVD format as UA's third DVD.

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