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antennasia is a Japanese electronica group producing primarily down-tempo music and consists of a programmer and female vocalist. Although the group is still relatively unknown, they have received attention internationally, playing tours in Belgium and Holland and working with producers and musicians across the world.


  • san - vocals, programming
  • Nerve - programming


antennasia was founded by a programmer (Itoh Manabu, known as "Nerve") and female vocalist (Hashimoto Satomi, known as "San") and first hit the Tokyo club scene in 1999. Two early CD-R album releases ("Like a Flightless Bird Looking at the Sky" and "Percentage") led to an awareness of their unique style in their native Tokyo - a sophisticated blend of trip-hop, Bristol dub and electronica. With their reputation spreading from live-house performances in Tokyo and acclaim from the online community, their next album "Phased" was released internationally by Double Life Records in 2002. A tour in Belgium and Holland in 2003 was followed by various festival performances, where antennasia shared the bill with artists such as Sven Van Hees and Vive La Fte. The release of the "Cinemice" album in 2005 showed a more soul-influenced side to antennasia's sound, particularly noteable in san's vocals. Following appearances as a supporting act to "Lemongrass" and "Weathertunes" live performances, their tracks were featured on compilations created by the "Lemongrassmusic" label.

Critical praise from Ryuichi Sakamoto and other musicians was given for their most successful album to date, "23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City", released in 2006 by Forestnauts Records. More recently, various international producers and DJs worked on arrangements to antennasia's tracks and "Velo-City: remixed" was released in Japan in November 2008 (with an international release following in March 2009).




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