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Aoi Teruhiko

Aoi Teruhiko (あおい輝彦) is former Johnny's singer and actor. He began in show business at an early age by modeling for many magazines. Later on, he joined as a dancer for the idol group Johnny's. When Johnny's disbanded in 1967, Aoi later pursued a television acting career, debuting in the TBS television dorama Futari no Sekai in 1967. He also debuted as a voice actor three years later in the anime Ashita no Joe.

He started his solo career in 1968 with the single "Boku no Himitsu". He later gained popularity in the later half of the 70s with such hits as "Sentimental Carnival" and "Hi-Hi-Hi".

Aoi is currently a guest on television program Gogo wa Marumaru Omoikkiri Terebi and acting both in television doramas and stage productions.


  • Real Name: Aoi Teruhiko (青井輝彦)
  • Birthdate: January 10, 1948
  • Birthplace: Aogashima, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Blood Type: A




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