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Asriel (2010)

Asriel is a gothic lolita Japanese rock duo. During their indie time, the group released mini-albums in doujin market. They made their major debut under 5pb. Records in 2008, and released their major debut full-length album, unveil, in May 2009. In 2014 they join Pony Canyon and released their best indie album Ragnarøk ~Asriel COMPLETE BOX~ in March 2014 followed by the release of their first major mini album Resurrection in July 2014.


  • KOKOMI: Vocals and lyrics
  • Kurose.K (黒瀬圭亮): Composition and production

Indies Discography

Asriel (2013) The Sphere of Ragnarøk Live


Best Albums

Mini Albums

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Major Discography

Asriel promoting "Metamorphose" (2008)


Best Albums

Mini Album


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