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BADKIZ (2022)

BADKIZ (배드키즈) is a Korean pop girl group under US Entertainment. They debuted in 2014 under Zoo Entertainment and re-debuted as HOT PLACE in March 2019. In 2020, they changed their name back to BADKIZ. They disbanded in October 2020 and announced their return to activities on September 14, 2022.


  • Eunyu (Leader, Main Vocal, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer)
  • Seoeun (Main Dancer, Vocal)
  • Rosy (Rapper)
  • Yousi (Sub-Vocal)

Former Members



BADKIZ promoting "BABOMBA" (2014)

Badkiz debuted on May 14, 2014 on Show Champion with their digital single "Gwitbangmangi". A few months after debuting, the departure of Eunjoo and Yeunji was announced. Yeunji left the group for unknown reasons and Eunjoo joined Zenith Media Contents debuting in Luluz and later in Wanna.B as Eunsom. The group made a comeback on November 13rd with two new members, Hana and Yoomin, releasing their second digital single, "BABOMBA".

BADKIZ promoting "Iriro" (2015)

2015: New Line-up

In March 2015, was announced Yoomin's departure from the group. The group appeared in Dream Team with a new member named Lua, after that Jina, Hana and Bom Bom also left the group, Jina left to become a soloist as Jina_U and Bom Bom and Hana left the group for unknown reasons. On August 7th, the group returned with two new members, K.Me and Haneul, releasing their third digital single, "Iriro".

2016: More member changes

In May 2016, Haneul's departure was announced. Later, two new members, U-Si and Somin, joined the group. The group returned on August 15th with their fourth digital single, "HOTHAE". In November Lua's departure was announced due to the fact that she had a car accident and had to recover, she did not rule out the possibility that in the future she would re-enter the group. On November 21st the group returned with a remake of their debut song titled "Gwitbangmangi 2", with a new member, Duna.


On November 8th, ZOO Entertainment released a statement mentioning that members U-Si and Duna would leave BADKIZ for health and personal reasons. At the same time in the statement the company reported that the group was working hard for its next release. After the release, the different accounts in the social networks of BADKIZ were edited showing only the remaining 3 members of BADKIZ: Monika, Somin and K.Me.

On December 1st, the official accounts of BADKIZ were edited again with images in which four members appear. Monika, Somin, K.Me and a girl from which ZOO Entertainment has not given any information.

BADKIZ promoting "Ttakharu" (2018)

2018: New line-up and new single

On March 19th, Monika through a VLive transmission whose title was "Goodbye..안녕 (모니카)" confirmed her departure from the group and that she would continue her solo career. A new member called Sol.B was announced and the group came back with "Ttakharu".

BADKIZ in August (2018)

In August Sol.B left and Hanbit was unofficially announced as the new member. In September 16th, Zoo Entertainment announced K.Me's departure from the group, changing the line-up once again.

On September 20th, Zoo Entertainment released the handwritten letter of a new member, Hayoung, and a profile image. They also released profile images of Hanbit. The new member Hayoung said in the letter that she had her first performance with BADKIZ in September 16, the same day that K.Me left.

On October 17th, Zoo Entertainment announced Lohee's departure, being the third member to left the group in three months. The letter also announced that they will have a comeback this year. On October 19, the new member Sihyun was announced.

Since November 14th, Zoo Entertainment has been tagging Somin in pictures as "Kira", her new stage name. The company also deleted all old music videos and pictures of former members of the group.

2019: Re-debut as HOT PLACE

HOT PLACE (2019)

On February 15th, Zoo Entertainment announced that the group was going to re-debut under the name HOT PLACE, with a new member, Taeri, and Kira under a new stage name, Jeje. Although being still listed in Zoo Entertaiment's website, the group debuted under LOUDers Entertainment.

In 2020, after Taeri and Sihyun's departures, they changed their name back to BADKIZ on their social media.

In April 2020, three new members were announced for the re-debut: Rozi, Semi and Rawhi, who left days later. Jeje once again changed her stage name to Eunyu, as well her legal name. Hanbit also changed her stage name to Seoeun.

They apparently disbanded in October of the same year.

2022: Return

On September 14, 2022, the group posted a picture of Eunyu, Yousi (formerly U-Si, who left in 2017), Seoeun and Rosy (formerly written as Rozi) mentioning they will be able to meet fans again on stage.


  • Official Fanclub: GOODKIZ


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BADKIZ (2020)

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