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BLACK CAT promoting JEWEL (2011).
Left to Right: Kento, Zeno, Lion, Makoto, SHINTARO

BLACK CAT ( ブラックキャット) was a visual-kei band that formed in April of 2010 and disbanded on April 14th, 2013 after their final performance at Shinjuku RUIDO K4.


  • SPEED STAR/Vocals: Lion (リオン)
  • Guitar: Zeno (ゼノ)
  • Guitar: Kento (絢斗)
  • Bass: Makoto (真琴)

Former Members


BLACK CAT was formed in early April of 2010 but the band didn't go public until recruiting vocalist, Lion (ex-Sect-Ma). Following the formation, the band held their first demonstrational live on April 7th at Shinjuku Ruido K4. BLACK CAT would go on to release their debut single, "Hekishoku no Resurrection" during lives only and would go on to start band activities on July 25th. The band went on to hold five lives, two at IKEBUKURO CYBER, two at IKEBUKURO BlackHole and one at SHINSAIBASH BIG CAT.

With the finale of their scheduled live ending at SHINSAIBASH BIG CAT on August 26 2010. Before ending the year, at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, BLACK CAT distributed their DVD only single entitled, "BLACK DRUG" on October 25th with a limit to 111 copies. To start the new year off in March, BLACK CAT released a second edition of their debut live distributed single which included on extra track and a PV plus live content. On May 1st, BLACK CAT released "MAY", which was available to order only through Maple-kiss's online shop. Two weeks later, the band joined their first official record label, Virgin Air Entertainment. On July 24th of 2011, BLACK CAT held their first anniversary oneman entitled, BLACK ROCK STAR.

In early October of 2011, BLACK CAT announced that they would be releasing their first mini-album, entitled, JEWEL. Several days later, the date was revealed to the public to be the 30th of October. The mini-album came with an eight page booklet, stickers and a ticket to their free solo live entitled, BLACK CHILDREN on December 1st at Shibuya BOXX. With the release of their mini-album, the band held a sponsored event at Ikebukuro BlackHole within the same day called, BLACK BOX ver.ONE, bands such as Edogawa Paradox, Gakido, Crazy☆shampoo, Ronove and POPCORE joined them. The band went on to hold live schedules from October 11th through December 29th.

In late March of 2012, BLACK CAT released their first maxi-single, "BLUE SPHERE~Saigo no Kuchizuke~", following the release they held a promotional oneman at Ikebukuro CYBER on April 29th. On November 3rd, drummer, SHINTARO left the band which shocked the band as a whole due to primarily being the main composer and arranger for their content. With the lose of their drummer, the band held a live at Ikebukuro BlackHole on December 12th entitled, BLACK RELATION. The band distributed their final single which came as a DVD single and was entitled, "Snow White" on February 22nd of 2013. Five months after the departure of SHINTARO, BLACK CAT decided to disband on April 14th after their final live called, re:union of the BLACK.

As of April 4th, 2014, currently all BLACK CAT members minus Kento are performing together in a session band called, Black Maniac Sensual. Lion and SHINTARO are recording new music and the session band has hinted details of joining a fairly new record label, JEWELS entertainment.


BLACK CAT promoting A.I.R (2010).

Mini Albums

  • [2011.10.30] JEWEL
  • [2012.01.25] JEWEL (2nd Press)


Other Singles