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BeBe Mignon

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BeBe Mignon promoting Jalhaejun Geot Bakke Eomneunde (2010)

BeBe Mignon (베베미뇽; [Fra:] Cute Baby) was a Korean pop female trio that debuted in 2010. Before their debut, they were described as the female 4Men. The trio was under the labels YWHO Enterprise and Happyface Entertainment. The group disbanded in 2011 after Ga Eul left the group.


Former Members


Yoon Min Soo decided to create a third project, a multi-faceted rookie idol group and on the 6th of September, the new three-girl rookie group, BeBe Mignon, was publicly introduced to the music industry on various online music websites. On Cyworld’s real time music charts, BeBe Mignon achieved a high rank on the charts, climbing up to number two on the list. BeBe Mignon plans to show each member’s specialty, individuality, and identity. BeBe Mignon debuted in September with the digital single "Kido Jakgo, Yeppeuji Anchiman.." through Sony Music. Less then two months later they released their first mini-album titled Jalhaejun Geot Bakke Eomneunde.



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