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Best of Tornado

Deluxe Edition Cover
Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Ling tosite sigure
Best of Tornado
Catalog Number
AICL 2797~2800 (Deluxe Edition)
AICL 2801~3 (Limited Edition)
AICL 2804 (Regular Edition)
¥7,500 (Deluxe Edition)
¥4,200 (Limited Edition)
¥2,800 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  1. JPOP Xfile
  2. Telecastic fake show
  3. abnormalize
  4. Illusion is mine
  5. Mousou no Security (2015 mix)
  7. moment A rhythm (short Ver.)
  8. Beautiful Circus
  9. I see music
  10. Azayaka na Satsujin (2015 mix) (鮮やかな殺人)
  11. Telecaster no Shinjitsu (2015 mix) (テレキャスターの真実)
  12. nakano kill you (2015 mix)
  13. Enigmatic Feeling (2015 mix)
  14. Missing ling
  15. Boukan (傍観)
  • Disc 2
  1. Azayaka na Satsujin (from Demo Tape)
  2. TK in the Yuukei (TK in the 夕景) (from Demo Tape)
  3. Telecaster no Shinjitsu (from #3)
  4. Akai Yuuwaku (赤い誘惑) (from #3)
  5. Sergio Echigo (from #3)
  6. Boukan (from #3)
  7. CRAZY Kanjou STYLE (CRAZY感情STYLE) (from 2006.12.2 Live at SHINJUKU LOFT)
  8. Last Dance Revolution (ラストダンスレボリューション) (from 2006.12.2 Live at SHINJUKU LOFT)
  9. Acoustic (from 2006.12.2 Live at SHINJUKU LOFT)
  10. Sadistic Summer (from 2007.11.11 Live at SHIBUYA-AX)
  11. Akai Yuuwaku (from 2007.11.11 Live at SHIBUYA-AX)
  12. Yuukei no Kioku (夕景の記憶) (from 2007.11.11 Live at SHIBUYA-AX)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Sadistic Summer
  2. Mousou no Security
  4. Telecastic fake show
  5. JPOP Xfile
  6. I was music
  7. Illusioni is mine
  8. abnormalize
  9. Beautiful Circus
  10. Metamorphose
  11. Enigmatic Feeling


Best of Tornado is the first compilation album released by Ling tosite sigure. The album was released in three versions: a deluxe "Hyper Tornado" 2CD+DVD edition in special packaging, a limited "Tornado" 2CD+DVD edition, and a regular CD Only edition.

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