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Bleach03 (2008)

Bleach03 (also known as Bleach and bleachmobile) is an all female Japanese rock band. The three piece female band comes from the island of Okinawa. They are currently signed under Highwave in Japan and under Australian Cattle God Records in the USA.


  • Kanna (vocals / guitar)
  • Miya (bass / vocals) (formerly known as Suke)
  • Sayuri (drums / vocals)


During the late 1990's Kanna, Miya, and Sayuri were all members of different bands. When the girls first met they all were doing different things: Sayuri was in college, Kanna was in cosmetology school to be a hair-dresser, and Miya was working. Bleach was then formed in 1998, and soon the band became a popular local act. They later started performing all around Japan and started gaining recognition for their music skills and live performances.

In 2000, Bleach released their debut single, "Otokoi Chokusen". The band was signed under the Ripley record label. Later that year they released their first mini-album, Kibaku-Zai and performed at the legendary music club, CBGB in New York.

In 2001, the band made their major label debut under Toshiba-Emi. Under the label the band only made two releases: the "Furueru Hana" single and the Hadaka no Jou album. The band also toured in the United States, which included a performance at SXSW in March.

In 2003, Bleach left their major label record deal, and signed with an indie label based out of Okinawa. Under this label the girls released their debut album, Three Girls from Okinawa. That summer the band performed at the Rising Sun Rock Festival.

In March 2004, Bleach made a performed at the SXSW show for their third time, and then went on to performed in six cities across the United States. Later that year in October, Bleach played shows in a total of 18 cities.

In 2005, the band gained more success in the USA. In March they played a fourth SXSW show, and held a tour which spanned across the west coast. Later that year they released their self-titled album in the States, and it managed to ranked high on many college radio shows. In June, Bleach held their third US tour.

During the Summer of 2005, Bleach started recording work for a new album. They passed 14 songs onto a mixing engineer Daniel Wyatt, who is well-known in various genres of music. Next, the band worked on a brand new sound with mastering engineer Chris Athens (best known for working on Coldplay's "X&Y"). The album Migi mo Hidari mo Shihai Suru Atama wa Kyou mo Niku wo Kui Yodare, was completed and released in Japan in May 2006 and 2007 in the USA.





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